Skycloud Vape Pen The Best Vaporizer Pen

skycloud vape pen

Skycloud vape pen by kandypens can only be compared to cotton candy basing on how it sounds and look like. It’s normally available in various colors: silver, pink, and red among for customers to choose from depending on their preference. Skycloud vape pen, kandypens vapor pen oval shape displays a certain distinguished class, elegance and style. In addition, it offers more satisfaction to the user than it looks.

The packaging is usually very consumer friendly. For $100 you can get a full compact package that consists of 3 atomizers i.e. for herbs, waxes and e-liquids. You also have an option of ordering a glass bulb that work with concentrates for $40 only. All the components are usually neatly packed together during shipping. This vapor pen has a battery that requires to be charged for 2 to 3 hours, after that you can use it a whole day with that single charge.

Benefits of over other vapor pens

Battery Life:

Other than the look, a single vapor is enough to take you for a whole day. You don’t have to carry more than one pen since they produce very nice clouds of vapor. This vapor pen has a battery lock that is meant to save battery life. You have to click 5 times to lock it and click once to activate it. This makes it very efficient and easy to use.

Quality of the vapor:

Despite the small size of this vapor pen, it has the ability of emitting large amount of smoke with a very short period of time. If you happen to hold the trigger more than 3 seconds, the smoke emitted is enough to make you cough or even cock you. It is also emits high quality smoke that has a very impressive taste.


This vapor pen is almost universal when it comes to compatibility. It is easily compatible with variety of products which includes dry flowers, waxes, e-liquids, and essential oils among other products.


Unlike other vapor pens that have a short life time, Skycloud vape pen, kandypens vapor pen, has a very long economic life. Some vapor pens do not last even for a week without malfunctioning. This is not the case with this vapor pen.

Full life time warranty:

Sky cloud guarantee that the product they create are of high quality. For this reason they usually give a full life time warranty to safe guard this claim.

If you are a person who likes to be identified with a certain level of elegance and class, then this vapor pen is the best for you.

Best Vaporizers For Smoking Weed

weed vaporizers

Vaporizers are the newest trend in the market used for smoking. This is because they are healthy to use and like the normal cigarettes, they can be smoked in any space. Buying vaporizers require the buyer to look for one that will cater for their needs since they are designed to perform the same job differently. Search for your specific features, how they work, their advantages, disadvantages and price range. Finding the best one can be hectic with very many products in the market. Check out the Best Vape Pen by The Smoke Advisor for more vaporizer reviews.

Weed vaporizers are electronic devices which are used to heat the heat the herbs without burning them. They have a pipe which is used to inhale the marijuana vapor. They produce much stronger vapor than the old pipes and rollers. Vaporizer for smoking weed are also common since:
– They transform weed from the solid form to gas making it suitable for smoking.
– They conserve the weed usage since they allow the user to only use a small portion.
– They reduce the toxin substances which are found in smoking substances.
-They are cost effective. When you buy once, you will not need another one everyday thus saves money.

Weed vaporizers are found in different categories. There are portable, desktop, balloon and multifunctional. The desktop ones are used to inhale using a pipe, the balloon ones are used to inhale using a balloon bad and the multifunctional is used to inhale using either balloon, whip or a pipe.

Some of the best vaporizer for weed are:
1. Arizer Solo Vaporizer.
This is a high quality type of vaporizer and it is very common in the market due to its affordability since it cost $199. It is portable and has a long lasting battery which can last a whole day when in use.

2. Magic Flight launch Box.
It is a desktop type that comes with a complete kit which includes rechargeable batteries and a charger, glass draw stem and a cleaning brush. It is very affordable with prices ranging from $199.

3. Herbalizer.
Though it is expensive than the others, it is a multifunctional vaporizer which works perfect with every method used. It cost around $730.

4. Volcano Classic.
It is a balloon vaporizer made in Germany. It has a long lasting battery, a mouth piece, 5 valve balloons, cleaning brush, a liquid brush and they cost from $530.

It is legal to purchase Marijuana vaporizers whether in local stores or online. For beginners, they are user friendly and easy to use as they come with instructions.

The Advantages of Using Vapor Pens

advantages of using vapor pens

Vapor pens are devices used in smoking which does not involve the harmful effects of {burning/ combustion}. They are very popular in the market today since they provide vapor quickly and you can use them anywhere you want unlike the normal cigarettes. Vaporization is used to heat the oil or wax used at a certain temperature. This is used to help in extracting the required essence while and at the same time leaves the harmful and unwanted components.

Using them has variety of advantages as compared with the normal cigarettes. These advantages include:
1. No side effects.
A vapor pen does not produce harmful effects on the person using it thus making them healthy to use. They prevent the user from {inhaling/ smoking} toxic substances, thus offering a solution to the dangers incurred while smoking.

2. Saves money.
Once you buy the product, you will not need to be buying a new one daily. They are also designed in a way that they extract all the active substances from the {herb/oil/wax} meaning you only use a small amount.

3. They have discrete use.
They come with different sizes and designs which do not attract attention when using them. They do not provide any smell thus can be used comfortably in any place.

4. Long life.
These pens have a very long lifespan since they come with powerful batteries which can support them for up to 72 hours. They also their ability to produce vapor is efficient.

5. Easy to use.
They are easy to use and it only takes some seconds to learn about them and how they work. The pens use different products to produce vapor like wax and oil. Some of the best vapor pens in the market are E-liquid vaporizer pens and AtmosRX Dry Herb Kit which uses wax and dry herbs. These products are found locally and can also be purchased online.